10 days

10 days of intense physical labor. 16 hour days.

6 hours of sleep per night.

3 people.

1 KICK ASS transformation.

I can't believe how much was accomplished in the last ten days. We tore down ceilings, painted ceilings, painted walls, did more painting, replaced floors, built things, hung doors, you name it. We tackled almost every room in the house, and we all have the cuts, scrapes and bruises to show for it. On day five I didn't know if I could go on. I was so tired and my hands were swollen and my knees were bruised. But then somehow I managed. I was really inspired by how hard my brother worked and I needed to keep up. (I am no wuss!)

Here are some before and after pics... well, these are more "mid-way" pics, we haven't decorated or cleaned at all yet, so look past the weird furniture placement and stuff (for instance: we can't find our table top for the breakfast nook table). The house was really dingy before... dark and dreary. You walked in and you could feel your energy level sink. Blah. But now it looks and feels much lighter.

The kitchen before: kitchen_before.jpg

Kitchen after: kitchen_after1.jpg

Breakfast nook before: nook_befor.jpg

B-nook after: nook_after.jpg

Living room before: livingrm_before.jpg

Living room after: livingrm_after.jpg

It's getting there, but we're not done yet. There are still a lot of little finishes and touch ups to do.

Tom and Dan left this morning. So for the first time I am sitting in the house alone (I miss them already)... it feels good. It's so quiet. So peaceful. I am totally exhausted, covered in cuts and bruises, and very worn down... but I am completely happy. I feel like I'm home.

Thank you so so much, Tom and Dan. You guys are true blue.