10 good things

1. My husband's amateur photography hobby. I love his images (including the above experimentation with an old polaroid my rep found for him at a garage sale) and will continue to post them here with his permission (thanks colin!). Btw: did you know that amateur comes from the old french word meaning "Lover of". I dig that.

2. Veda's monoprints (as seen in the photo above). I limited her to 2 colors and she went to town. Thank god for newspaper.

3. Eating grilled cheese and roasted red pepper soup outside in November.

4. Raking leaves. Fall in NC is amazing.

5. My mom visiting and helping me sort out the back deck. We hung prayer flags and wind chimes and twinkle lights, and planted some mums and pansies.

6. Being sent back to the drawing board by a client and sketching out ideas for round two... I remember my old creative director once telling me that when a client kills good ideas, our only defense as creative people is to keep coming up with better solutions. (i.e. don't settle for crap work.) Eventually something goes through that the client likes and that you are still proud of. I think that was the smartest advice I've ever received.

7. Researching sustainable living and gardening (for next spring) at the library. Obsessively reading thisthis, and this.

8. Starting a new yoga class tonight. I hope it's a good fit.

9. Paring down electronically. Do I really need to read all those blogs (am I inspired by them or are they just filling a gap that I'm not looking at)? Do I really need that service or is it just another password to keep track of? etc.

10. Jenny's new book. (It's so lovely!)

Bonus: 11. Researching vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes. We're staying home this year, and I'm doing the cooking and really looking forward to it!