10 things

dressup Ten good things to get the weekend rollin':

- playing dress up with veda. she likes to put on my gloves and wave her arms around. (I wonder if she's mocking me.)

- happy accidents

- my friend shari sharing this essay again, which i loved.

- this video, which was passed on to me by my friend carolyn:

- finding a bright orange knit blanket at a thrift store for $5. using it to make tunnels in the living room for veda.

- feeling comfortable on the phone with my sister-in-law. (it's not the sister-in-law part I'm uncomfortable with generally, it's the talking on the phone part. I just don't like it.)

- holding my sick girl as she slept last night... not getting much sleep myself, but feeling the sweetness of motherhood as I held her close.

- bowls of spicy chili.

- working on a personal project (the first one since I was pregnant) and not know if it'll turn out or not... fingers crossed.

- yoga training this weekend. we're focusing on back bends and i'm a bit nervous about how sore I'm going to be, but excited to soak it all in.

* * *

Have a good weekend, all!