This website and doing illustration is a dream cometrue for me. As a matter of fact, I looked up an email I sent out about a year and a half ago and this dream was a part of it. I feel so good to turn something I dreamt into a reality. See for yourself.

In five years I see myself:

Still working in advertising, trying to push it to be more artful and forever disappointed that it's not. But also realizing what my priorities are and therefore pouring my soul into my work when I am at work and pouring into my life when I am at life...

But I also see myself doing freelance illustration. And painting at home in a little studio...and making my own jewelry and taking pottery classes and maybe even a glass blowing class or two.

I would also like to write a children's book or two (influenced by my dear C) and maybe they are published... or maybe they just become little books that only my child knows about. (child when I am 30-35... not in the next 5 years.)

I also see myself having my own little art show that is not really heavily attended...except for the friends and family that I love (who are the most important to impress anyway.)

I also see myself as finally mastering cooking and having dinner parties for my friends and we all sit around talking and eating the food that I've made. Yeah: and it's all low-fat too. And there will be extra cheese there for you and Grace, Evan.

And while i'm at it: i see myself living in a house that I've put a lot of work into. And it has a garden of flowers and one of vegetables. And i can sit in the garden and read my books and enjoy the sounds and scents of outside.

But most of all: I see myself still with C and still loving that the best.

That's all. for now.