Today I have a lot of stuff to do thatI'd rather not. I'd rather sit in my lair and read the four books I'm in the middle of and maybe drink too many cups of coffee. Speaking of which...I have good luck today. Stopped at the station on the way to work and got my coffee for free. I knew it was going to be a good day then.

One of the books I'm in the middle of is Living Out Loud by Keri Smith. She's a talented illustrator who I find inspirational. One of the things I read about last night was making a life map. That's where you illustrate or write what you'd like to see happen in your life. A send-it- out-to-the-universe type idea. I think that's my new assignment. I'll try to start that this weekend.

In other news: Chuck E. Cheese is in need of a serious overall. The animated robot they have singing those children's songs is quite frightening. I think it'd be cool if They Might Be Giants took over and wrote all the kids songs for good ol' Chuck. Just a thought.