A memory just came to me as I was playingwith the scissors and pencils that surround me

I remember being young. Less than first grade. I was getting so excited for school to start. But not necessarily school itself. The idea of getting new stuff for school. I remember sitting down at the table and making a sketch of a little suitcase. Then I drew things inside the suitcase that I wanted to buy: glue, scissors, pencils, a ruler, tape, paper, crayons, staples, stickers, markers, and paintbrushes. I drew all of it out and that was my school shopping list of what I wanted my mom to get me. I loved getting new art supplies. The smell of new pencils. The feel of a fresh crayon. The sound of tape ripping with that little jagged edge. And the scent of Elmers glue. Ah. That was great. Maybe I'll go to the art store tonight and sniff some blank notebooks.