Hooray for today Oh my gosh. I'm so essited! Today I'm taking a half day off and I'm going on an adventure. I am going to spend the day downtown doing whatever my little heart desires. I brought my paints, some books, and my journal with me. I may drink some coffee at a little coffee shop. I may go to the bookstore. I may window shop at some expensive stores. I may go to the art supply store and sniff some bouquets of pencils. You never know what I'll do.

Then we have a lovely three day weekend. And I'm going up north to see my mother. I plan to watch my sister play in a softball tournament, walk over to the Blueberry festival and get some blueberry pie, take my little brother to watch fireworks over the lake, and go to my favorite mexican restaurant. Then I'm going to my bestest friend's graduation open house (she just finished graduate school and thinks she's quite the smarty-pants).

It's going to be a fine weekend and I look forward to everything but the money spent on gas.

So, if you see a girl walking around with a giant smile and a really heavy bad over her shoulder, wave and smile right back. She'll probably trip with joy.