A quick note, before I leave for the northern partof the state.

Yesterday was just lovely. The morning started off rough. I had caught up with all my work and thought I would just coast through the morning and do what little I had remaining to do, but it didn't happen that way. I was bombarded. It was a war. And it was brutal. I was nearly killed. But I survived and ran for cover as soon at the clock hit high noon.

Cover was a chinese food joint where I had lunch with C. Fried rice and eggrolls enough to push down any sorrow. We got good seats where we could people watch under the cover of glare. And we saw this amazingly fake looking woman. She must of had a tab going at the plastic surgery office. She was nearly 4 foot tall. Pulled back eyes, bulging cheek bones and needle straight hair. Boobs the size of cantelopes, and her waiste measured .25". Sheesh.

After finishing lunch, I said farewell to C and went on to the salon and got stripes put in my hair (speaking of fake- looking). Then some girl put more makeup on me than I've ever had in my entire life. She rolled out barrells of blush and buckets of mascara. After leaving I promptly ran to the nearest restroom and chipped most of it off.

I found myself at the mall. Window shopping until I got that "I've been in the mall too long" feeling. I left immediately, found the oasis of a coffee stand and ordered an iced coffee. I then found a nice park bench and wrote in my journal, read my books and did some people watching.

All in all, it was a lovely afternoon. And I think all I need is about three more face scrubbings before I can see my actual skin again. Maybe two.