My neighbor is a chihuahua breeder. He and his wife have approximately seventeen dogs. They just had puppies. And the puppies are about the size of CornNuts. It's a mad house over there. All these little nippy dogs running around with little personalities. Some are pretty friendly. Some give you the cold shoulder. Some are rather angry with you for no good reason. And some want to tell you all their little chihuahua secrets.

But there's one in particular named Kennetha, after her previous owner, Kenny, who passed away last year. My neighbor adopted Kennetha after Kenny died because they were buddies and because Kennetha is such a sweet dog.

Well, my neighbor noticed that every time he mowed his lawn Kennetha would follow him around and whine. So he decided that she should mow the lawn with him. He went ahead and did the logical thing of buying a baby papoose for the dog to rest in while he cut the grass. (No chance for Kennetha to jump out and hurt herself, you see.)

I think it's really sweet that he went all out for little Kennetha. And it really makes my day more enjoyable when I happen to find him mowing his lawn with a tiny, content-looking dog strapped to his chest. It's quite a sight.