The Feast of the Lanterns was last night. It was held in a park in a not so nice neighborhood in town. They had all kinds of funny things to see and do, including break dancing demonstrations, celebrity doodle contests, and a paper moon photo booth. Local bands played, and then some sort of sing-a-long happened, which was hilarious and pathetic at the same time. I, unfortunately, missed almost everything but the sing-a-long. But it was worth going just to see all the paper lanterns in the trees. There were hundreds of them, varying in size, strung from the every tree in the park. Each one was lit with a candle or a strand of white christmas lights. And it was something. It was like some kind of fairy land setting.

Plus, if you squinted it looked like a bazillion imperfect circles swarming around you. (Have I mentioned my adoration of imperfect circles?)

It was just beautiful. Makes me want to go string up some paper lanterns in my backyard.