Ode to Frida I am fascinated with Frida Kahlo. I have been for several years now. I've read many books about her, seen lots of her artwork in books and online (never in person, yet...). She's such a powerful character.

I think I'm fascinated with her because she was such a strong person and woman. Despite her broken body and her emotional distress, she never lost her spirit. Now that's strength.

I saw the Frida movie starring Salma Hayek a couple of months ago. While I am not a fan of Salma's by any stretch of the imagination, I thought she did a great job with that movie. The movie had such colorful and memorable imagery, it just fueled my fire for Frida.

I put Frida Kahlo on a pedestal as someone to look to for inspiration. She is one of many who demonstrate how to be strong and make it your way.

Okay, done with the Frida rant.

On a different note: I am going on a retreat for a few days so I won't be able to post again until Saturday. Please walk around barefoot and light smelly candles in my absence.