Today I had the best feeling. I wokeup this morning with an assignment dangling over my head. And I was not nervous or anxious about it at all. I was confident that my brain would give me some good ideas and that it would turn out fine. And, wow, does that feel good. I don't know how long it will last, but I plan to bottle it up for future unstable moments.

There is an illustrator out there who I am in love with. She is my hero and I really really admire her work. Her name is Giselle Potter. She does children's books. I found her through storyopolis.com I love how spontaneous and alive her paintings look. In her little bio on that site it says that her first illustration job was for The New Yorker. And oh, man... I think that's cool. She deserves it. That is talent just flowin' out a paintbrush right there.

Sometimes I think it's good to look at other people's work to see get some inspiration. It uplifts me. It challenges me to learn and do better. And sometimes looking at other's work makes me feel like a big heel. "What am I doing??" "Why did I think I could do this?" "I am just kidding myself."

I think it's good to guess which way you think you'll sway when you go searching for the beauty out there. But sometimes you can't predict and you end up crying into your couch cushions for an hour.

Or maybe that's just me.