Sleepy days Today I just want to stay home and snuggle in a soft comforter and forget I have responsibilities. I want to put too much honey in my tea and let it lull me back to sleep. I want to read magazines filled with pretty photography and books that take me to another world. I want to plant some bulbs and paint outside under the pergola.

But I can't. So, I'll get through this day and hope it goes fast. It's almost the weekend.

C and I have been struggling to find a place for the wedding. We have settled on a place for the reception: an old mansion with marble floors and giant windows. But the actual ceremony is not taken care of yet. We really wanted to have it at the State House but the lady rudely said that they were booked through 2005. Ugh. We are leaning towards getting hitched in a park and hoping it doesn't rain. There are shelters if it does, I guess, and people can bring umbrellas. Maybe we should settle on that and start thinking about other things.