The weekend was exactly what I needed.I did some weeding, planted some bulbs, and worked on some illustration projects. I also went to the orchard and bought some fresh apple cider. Ooo, yeah. I feel very revived.

There's an email being sent around these days where there's a paragraph written and you have to count all the Fs in it. And almost everyone gets it wrong because you naturally overlook little words like "of" and "the". You are supposed to count 6 , but your brain only lets you see 3. This bothers me in big ways. It makes me wonder how much other stuff we overlook everyday because we are trained to. How much do we miss or take for granted? I've been trying to look harder when I see things, but even then...you never know what you're missing. And you still only count 3.

I wish I could strap magnifying glasses to my head for one day to see all of it.