SpooktacularLast night was the annual spooktacular. A couple friends of mine host this event every year. It starts with an old, comically- not-scary, scary movie. There's all kinds of little snackies like cheese and crackers, Halloween-colored tortilla chips, candy and nuts. The house is decorated with skeletons and candles. And they invite guests who don't know each other but they think would get along well.

And every year it's a success.

I had a lot of fun making fun of the movie and laughing at everyone's comments. Put me in the Halloween spirit. I am all ready to trick or treat in full costume. Maybe go on a hay ride and carve some pumpkins.

In other news, I recently read Keri Smith's Letting Yourself Soar lecture. It really touched me. I've been going through a really rocky patch lately in my life. I've been feeling really insecure. Really afraid of failing and of being unsuccessful. I feel like I don't have a safety net.

I think that I was lead to read Keri's article. The words that really reached out and grabbed my heart by the strings were "We all have the power to reinvent ourselves at any time." Wow, that is powerful. The hard part, of course, is doing something with that knowledge. I guess the only thing to do is take the time to map out what you want, put your head down, and charge.