I want to capture this feeling andbottle it up for when insecurity knocks again. Right now I feel really optimistic and hopeful and stable. I feel like the baby steps that I've been taking are going in the right direction. That I am doing the right thing.


Wow, that's how that feels? It's so wonderful.

I just had a chat with someone I respect. Someone that lived my life 15 years ago. Someone who has gone through exactly what I am. And he said that being scared is normal. That I am going through the right steps.

I feel like I can conquer this fear and the unknown and push through it one step at a time.

(insert sound of lid being twisted on tightly.)

One more thing that just makes me smile today is this: a lovely friend of mine who I've felt distant from lately called me out of the blue last night. She said that she was feeling down and we chatted for a while. And by the end, we'd made plans for a visit and she was laughing. I am glad I made her feel better and now I have a carrot (you know... you put the carrot in front of the horse so he keeps moving forward).