Holy Monkey! (see...I told you...) Today I woke up slowly. One of those open your eyes once, blink for about 5 minutes and then open again. It was so nice. It's Saturday! A day of play. A day of possibility. A day for myself. I love today.

Plus when I woke up I found out two good things: 1) C had already brewed coffee for us, and 2) I discovered that Penelope Illustration was named Dreamhost Site of the Month.

Wow! Fresh brewed coffee?! (kidding)

I'm just thrilled to the gills to have gotten this DHSOTM announcement. I feel great. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me. I am very grateful!

Today I feel renewed and refreshed. I had a long conversation with my brother on the phone yesterday and told him every worry that was whispering into my ear. I told him about the juggling and the insecurity and the fear. And he listened. And he sympathized. And he offered advice.

And what have I concluded? I plan to purchase a giant inflatable football helmet and push through all the scariness and live happily ever after. Well...I need to do a little more than that, but you get the idea. That's Optimism speaking. (I love her.)

Leaving you on a cliff-hanger-type-note: I have some fun stuff planned for this site in the near future...Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend.