Welcome to the new week. I am notready yet. I'd like one more day please. Please! No? Fine.

This weekend I painted my kitchen red. And when I say red, I mean RED. It's bright. It's bold. It slaps you in the face as you walk into the room. And I love it. Bring on the smackin'.

I am not done though. Red requires at least three coats. I only did two. So I need to get all messy again later this week or next. And I decided I am going to paint a little wall mural on it as well. Some decorative white branches, perhaps. I can't wait! Sounds like fun.

Other than that, my weekend was anti- productive. I did a lot of errand running, but not a lot of list-crossing-offing. Huh? Monday's got my noggin in the blender.

As a warning: I won't be blogging Thursday through Sunday this week. I am going out of town, holing myself up, and letting the creativity flow through me like ink through a calligrapher's pen.

Time to face Monday.