I survived the dentist. But just barely.Half my face was numb and immobile for half the day. But, looking on the bright side...I could do really fun nostril tricks because only one moved.

Well, tonight I leave to go out of town. A little adventure. A little get-away- from-real-life fun. I have an agenda though. But, it's a good one. I plan to accomplish some of the things that I don't get around to during the work week. And I plan to swim a lot in the hotel pool. Just float and float. And maybe do that whale thing.

I think I should write down what my plans are to make the universe wake up and help me....This is scary. Here we go:

-Determine 10 contacts in editorial publishing to send my folio to.

-Determine 10 contacts in children's book illustration to send my folio to.

-Finish some icons for a client's web site.

-Work on my web site addition that I'm really excited to release (no, I can't tell you right now...)

-Start jotting down my kid's book idea.

-Do some illustrations for local stores who want to sell my work.

-And work on my business plan.

I think that's all do-able in a two day time span. At least, I hope so. I really need to get caught up and feel like I've accomplished some things. Wish me luck!

So, you won't be hearing from me for a few days...Take care.

Oh yeah, one more thing: I've posted some new work on the folio page. It's all from a book I was commissioned to illustrate and bind. I think it turned out really good. Kind of wish I'd a taken some pictures of the completed book when I was done...Check it out if you have a moment.