Four and a half out of seven isn't bad.It's the majority, afterall. I got a lot accomplished during my little excursion. A lot of starts that now require endings. But that's good. The ball is now officially rolling.

And there was swimming. So, I feel refreshed and my hair is a lovely shade of green.

One of the things I was pleased to discover over the past few days is how many people are everywhere doing things. That each one of them has their own life. Their own people they know, place they work, home to return to. There are so many different lives out there happening right this minute. It kind of relieves my trapped feeling. There are other options. Millions of them, in fact. So, in that vein....is failing even possible?

I visited a friend of mine over the last two days. It was really good to reconnect with her. While we didn't really do much to speak of, we laughed like idiots practically the entire time. In one little shop we stopped to admire a dress. And this was one little, itsy dress. A size negative 2, maybe. We held it up, and the shop owner swaggered over, said, "Oh, honey, that would look just amazing on you....You just have to want it."


You just have to want it?

He proceeded to demonstrate what he meant: First he slouched, made a frown face and traipsed around looking frumpy. Then he stood up really straight, raised his chin and made a sort of pouty face.

It was really comical. I laughed and laughed as I walked out the door. I didn't want it that bad...