Buenas Dias, mis amigos. Last night was a disaster. I was all set to hang out with my volunteer sister and do some fun stuff. But she never showed. I sat in her mother's house for an hour with no sign of her. I was worried so I went to her school, looked around for her, inquired about her, but there was no sign. (There were signs of future teen pregnancy though...I had no idea 13 year olds were making out so openly in the school yard.) Are they serving aphrodisiacs in the cafeterias now? Grody.

Anyway, I ended up going home worried and without her. She called about a half hour later saying the bus driver decided to try a new route that night. (Is that allowed?)

Well, I decided not to waste the evening so I got some chinese food and did some illustration. I felt much better after covering up some pristine white space.

Today is Friday. One more day till we frolick and play. One more day until we wake up to freedom and possibility. (yay!) I've already composed my to-do list for the weekend. I have lots of good things to do including painting a mural on my kitchen wall. I painted it cherry red two weeks ago and it's ready. It's beckoning. I hope it turns out as lovely as it is in my head...