I am truly amazed at the response youget when you put the word out into the universe. Going for your dreams is a scary thing. Things are unclear. What is my next move? Am I missing anything I should be doing right now? What if I am a big failure and have to abandon my dream? Where'd I put my stability? But you have to trust that you will be fine. That what you need will appear when it's needed. And if it doesn't, well, I guess you didn't need it in the first place, missy.

I feel very fortunate today. I have some really cool things on the horizon and I am so very grateful for them. The new magazine launching (I haven't had an email back yet and I'm wondering if they still want me to do that or maybe they hate my guts). All the fun freelance assignments I get to help other people with. My super secret surprise I'm cooking up for you on December 1st! Now, also, Nervy Girl called and wants me to do a cover to their next magazine. I just feel so blessed. I am glad I am able to create something that other people enjoy. I love bringing joy to the world.

Maybe I just put a little too much sugar on my cereal this morning. Or maybe it's that Thanksgiving is just two days away. But I love this feeling. Being grateful.