Shopping for the holidays is crazy. I havesome friends that are done holiday shopping by Halloween (that is even crazier). I know some that don't shop until December 23rd. But if you shop on-line now, you just might be able to get it all done and delivered before Christmas (and avoid the mall crowds). There have been a lot of people spreading the word about supporting independent artists through your holiday gift giving. I think that is a fine idea. Here are some good ones:

Superhero Blissen Pamela Barsky Maggie Shiznits Cori M. Designs Smoking Lily

I like to buy from all the locally-owned shops around my city, too. There are gifts you can't find anywhere else and it's nice to get to know the owners. Plus, lots of them are close to coffee shops and you know how I love coffee. Shop a little, sip a little. That's my philosophy.