This morning I have a date withthe eye doctor. I'm very excited about this. She was superbly nice last year and introduced me to my lovely blue glasses. But a new year of insurance is here and ready to be used. I wonder what I'll find this year. I really wanted some retro specs with rhinestones on the sides. But I can't find any that are just perfect (and in my price range). So I'm going with an open mind and a glasses-less face. Wish me luck!

This may be really dorky, but I'm pretty psyched about getting a brand new planner this year. I wait until after Christmas so the prices are reasonable. A crisp, new book to write down my life. Ooo, yeah. I sometimes look through my old ones and see what I did on different days. I think that's why I like old-fashioned planners where you write it all down by hand. You see your own handwriting and it makes it feel special and personal. I also have one of those PDAs, but don't use it because it is so impersonal.