Practice. Practice. Practice.That's what my piano teacher always said to me when I was small. Practice will make you better. And I didn't listen. I wanted to be outside pretending I was a ninja or riding my Holly Hobby bike. So, I never got good at the piano.

But I did take that lesson with me. And I believe that it relates to creativity. The more you do, (writing, painting, drawing, knitting...) the better you get. Creativity doesn't just begin when inspiration strikes you like lightning. If that were true, I'd be just sitting at home staring up at the sky. It starts when you start. And it may suck at first. Maybe at second, too, for that matter. But it will get better. It will get easier, too.

I know someone who wants to write. But they say they have no ideas. They say they will wait until Sunday when they have an opening. Or until they get a clear picture in mind. But does that ever happen? Maybe to a select few who we should hate out of general principle.Why not just start and see what happens. Even if it's a big pile-o-poo, you don't have to show anybody. Wait until you even sort of like it. It can be your own secret.

I find this true with my artwork. I am so scared of this blank white sheet in front of me. It intimidates me and tells me I'm no good. Then I make mark on it. Two marks. Erase. Another attempt. And eventually something happens. I love to do oil paintings too. I get all messy and sloppy. But I haven't done it in a while and it's scary now. I feel like I may not have what I once did. So, my blank canvas sits and makes faces at me from my studio. I just need to start.

Just start. And then practice.