The sleepiness is upon me. I am exhausted.Working practically around the clock has left me ragged and puffy-eyed. I need to recoup. Some lingering book reading and slow sipping of tea is what I crave. And I'd really like to see Big Fish this weekend. Tonight is opening night. It may be fun to be around an anticipating crowd.

I've had a few scares the last couple of days. I sent a package of spec illustrations to a children's book editor that was mysteriously returned to me un-opened. (There was much sobbing in the parking lot....so much for taking set-backs lightly.) I also had a job that was dipping and diving and almost certainly killed. Then it came back to life. And the unopened package was explained by an intern who didn't recognize it and simply declined (excuse me?).

But it has all worked out for the best, I think. Funny how I get so worked up over things that end up just being fine. But I never seem to learn from that for next time. Sheesh.