I feel more serene and calm and centeredwhen I'm around my mother. She's just that way. She takes things in stride, is practical-minded, and is just a really good person. She and my sister came down to spend the weekend with me. And it was so nice.

I showed her my wedding dress, the ceremony park, the reception hall, the flowers I chose. And she approved. We even got her the mother of the bride little outfit (a white suit and silk shirt). (The wedding is exactly 3 months away and I'm really excited about it now.)

It was a fine weekend with my mom.

I will not mention here that I did nothing creatively-speaking. I will not mention that I am feeling a little behind and guilty about that. Last week has been dubbed official "slack off" week. That means that the super secret surprise I told you about will be a little later than expected. I'm getting back on track this week. Promise.