Ode to Mr. Kabuki

Mr. Kabuki was the best little fish. I picked him up at the pet store, not thinking much about it. I thought he was pretty, and that's about it. I mean, c'mon...it's a fish. Little did I know that this little fish would swim his way into my heart.

I named him Mr. Kabuki randomly, opening a magazine I had sitting on the nightstand and pointing to a word. Kabuki. I liked it. Mr. Kabuki. I liked that better. Mr. Kabuki it was. I think he liked it too.

He grew to know me. He would get all excited when I walked into the room and hooted his name. I'd walk up and tickle his bowl and he'd rub against it. And I really think that he blew some bubbles of thanks after each feeding. He was a grateful fish.

A sweet fish. I know you don't believe me...but it's true. This fish had a personality and a heart.

Sadly, Mr. Kabuki died last night. He was just old, I guess. And, already I miss him.