Valentine's Day was exactly what I needed torenew and refresh. We celebrated Friday night. First, we went to the jeweler who is making my wedding ring (I designed it) to drop off a diamond that is to be included. While we were there, C says..."was there something else?" and the lady at the counter pulls out this little red package tied with a white bow. I blushed and opened it to find:

Then C says to me:

I love reservations. I think it makes an occasion feel even more special. I also love Italian food. Yummy. Pasta. And that's exactly what we had:

It was a wonderful, romantical evening.

For his present, he had to wait until the actual Valentine's Day. You see, we went up to my mom's because my brother and his wife were having their open house. And going up to my mom's usually requires throwing a sleeping bag on the floor and calling it a night. But not this time. No sir. This time, for Valentine's Day, I had made a reservation of my own. For a hotel room. With a pool. So we swam and visited my family. And it was perfectly quiet at night sleeping on a mattress instead of the floor. We slept like this: