A Moment of Peace and Serenity I've been stretched so thin lately that I've hardly had a moment to stop and breathe. This morning that moment hit me like a pile of silky feathers. I had last minute changes to a piece I have been working on, 10 minutes before I was expected at the printer. So, I swallowed and did that. Then I drove like a maniac to the printer, handed over my disk, and walked out feeling lighter. I got back in my truck, buckled my seatbelt and picked my coffee out of the cupholder. As I was driving, I felt the sun warming my face...I tasted the sweet coffee...I turned up the Shins on my stereo and I felt at peace. The whole world felt right and beautiful and accepting and good. I wanted to savor that moment, put it in a bottle to sip on when I need it next.

I hope you have a moment like that today.