Pie Eatin' Penelope

Oh man, am I doing something fun this weekend. Saturday C and I are going to a pie tasting. You see, we are more pie people than cake people, so we feel like we should have pie instead of cake at our wedding. And lots of it. Bring on the pie! So, we are tasting all sorts of pies this weekend to see what kinds we should offer our guests. And let me tell you...I cannot wait. Pie pie pie. I just love saying that word. Brings a smile to my face.

Also on Saturday, there is the bra show opening at Blithe & Bonny. I have some illustrated bras in the show. So, I plan on being there: eating some cheese, drinking some wine and eyeballing my illos to see if anyone buys them. (I'll try not to be too obsessive.) The address is 431 Mass. Ave if you care to stop by.

This weekend also has a creative forecast. I have been diligently working on your next super-secret surprise...I just might finish it up this weekend. Along with several other drawlins' that I'm excited about. Ooh, good plans.