First thing first. I need to say this:Overthinking things can make them worse.

There. I feel better.

Okay, now moving on to better things: The pie tasting was just wonderful. We tasted pie after pie after pie. My favorite was the berry pie. Yum! We ordered 20 pies for the reception. I can't wait. I think we are going to do the "feeding each other" thing with a light colored pie (like lemon) because I am such a clutz. I will surely spill it on my dress.

I also went to see the Lion King play. I am not generally a fan of plays. Actually, I'd rather not go. I don't know why exactly... they just kind of make me uncomfortable. But this was the exception. The costumes were unbelievably beautiful and the set was just as good. It did everything: grew mountains, made lakes, shifted, moved. Wow. That's all I can say. Wow.

The bra show went well, too, I think. A few of my illustrations sold (Pam got three!) I hear a local newspaper is going to do a story on the show so it will be up a little longer. Yay!