Fateful DayYesterday C and I were walking back from lunch and a dog darted out from an apartment. I was afraid that he'd run out into the street so I shrieked. The owner then came out of the building and said it was no big deal. She is used to living in the city. Then he asked if we wanted to buy a dog.

I said no.

C said maybe.

The guy introduced himself as Stan and said that this wasn't the dog. This was his friend's dog. But his dog was inside. So, he went to get him. I was not having it....I wasn't prepared for this.

Then the cutest little dog runs out of the apartment and came over to sniff me and lick C.

Stan explained that he had come into some really bad luck here and wanted to start a new life far away in San Francisco. He was leaving the next morning on a bus and couldn't take his dog, Bud. He had tears in his eyes. He needed to find a good family for Bud or he'd have to go to a shelter.

We took down Stan's number and said we'd call him back either way. Then C and I left and discussed it. If he didn't get along with our two cats, we could always find another home for him so he would never have to go to the shelter. C has been wanting a dog anyway. I was, too. I just wasn't expecting it to be this soon.

Later we called Stan back to say we'd like to go to his apartment tonight to hang out with Bud a little to see what he was like. And we did. And it was great. Bud is very smart. He's house- trained, knows how to sit, shake, hug and kiss. He's a very clever boy.

So we said we'd come take him tomorrow. Stan was pleased that he'd have his last night with his little buddy.

Tonight then, we pick up our new family member. We are going to call him Vince. I'm so excited.