I think my mood reflects the springweather. One minute it's rainy and gloomy, and the very next minute it's sunny and delightful. Eck. Moody-lope. Eck eck. I'm looking forward to green grass and blue skies and flowers popping out to stretch. Soon.

Creatively, I'm a little ink well. Just dip the pen in. The only problem is time. I've been staying up way too late addressing invites, searching for addresses (I'm not the most organized of the bunch), and drawing maps. I haven't had time to do illustration. And I have a few deadlines staring me in the face. I'm looking forward to getting to them. And the invitation process should be over shortly. Oh, and I promise I'll show you what they look like soon.

One more thing: I had NO idea I would ever worry about a dog's number two schedule as much as I do now. Sheesh.