Pure Chaos That's what last night was. Chaos. Oh. my. god.

Before we even met Vince, C and I had agreed to babysit for our friend's dog while they went to Singapore. So, last night we went to pick up Dudley, a fatty little dog who looks just like an ottoman with legs. Then all hell broke loose. Vince and Dudley were playing and growling and nipping and running. Non-stop claw clacking on the hard wood floors. Non-stop tail wagging knocking things over. Non-stop squeaky toy squeaking.

Our cats thought this was the end. They did Halloween kitty all night long. Poor guys. I wish I could give them a cake for being such good sports.

Then there was trying to go to bed...Dudley would steal Vince's bed. Then go run around the house, barking and panting. Then he'd come back in a chew on a bone (which is like cymbals crashing in your ear when you're trying to fall asleep).

Distraction. Barking. Growling. Bumping into the bed. I finally broke down and cried. Big fat alligator tears. Wept like a wee baby. And now I feel sheepish. I just wasn't prepared to keep a zoo.

This morning they are all a little calmer. Things seem a little more under control.

This morning I'm booking a hotel room for the weekend.