Penelope the Pudge-Monkey Boy, not getting any exercise for months at a time sho' does take a toll on one's body...and self image. I'm pudgy-lope. I used to exercise almost everyday. I felt so great all the time. I had lots of energy. I wanted to go more places, see more things, climb more mountains, visit more oceans. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating just a teensy bit.

I read all the time in magazines that you should schedule exercise. But how do you do that when you don't have the time to begin with. They make it sound like a cinch. "Oh, Hi. I'm Barbie. I exercise at 3am every morning before I go for a swim in the ocean. Then I ride my bike home and make toast and jam for my fabulously fit husband and our two and a half beautiful kids, and then I take the dog for a walk. Then I work at the studio for 9 hours, wining and dining clients."


Gotta run yet again. Well, by run I mean sit and do more stuff.