Lightening the Load I have never been a saver. As a kid I moved around quite a bit. Different school almost every year. Different locations for short times. But I liked it that way. I met a lot of interesting people and learned new things everywhere I went.

Moving so much never allowed me to keep much. I had to let things go to move lightly. All my childhood belongings fit into two rubbermaid tubs that I still have (miraculously).

This lightening the load really burned it's signature into my brain. In high school I would have regular bon fires and burn everything I could live without. Entire boxes of notes passed in class, letters from old boyfriends, pictures, artwork I wasn't pleased with....it all went up in smoke.

And some feel that this is a tragedy. I don't at all.

Each time I felt a huge rush of energy. I closed the door on that time in my life for good. No longer could it haunt me. They are only in my memory. Which is where they should be in my case.

During college I moved to Florida for a short time. All of my belongings fit into my small car. And that made me feel free. I felt like I was a bird that could soar and fly and come and go.

Now I have my own house with little storage nooks and cubbies and multiple rooms. And I'm no longer fancy-free. I can't fit everything into a small car. I don't think I could fit it all into a U-Haul.

And I'm feeling the pressure. I feel really bogged down and heavy. I look around and I am offended by the amount of stuff. Things I never look at or enjoy. It's just there taking up space, waiting to be cleaned, or making me feel guilty.

Not that I want to get rid of all my belongings. Maybe it's just the itch to spring clean. I would like to pare down the furniture, the clothes, the dishes, the magazine, the papers... just live simply. Live with what I need and the things that I absolutely love.

I feel a garage sale coming on. I feel freedom around the corner.