Last night I was working away on alogo for a client, as well as something else I'll tell you about in a minute... Anyway, our good friends called asking us to come over to help move a couch. (Well, to ask Colin to move a couch... I'd just kind of stand there and wish I was stronger.) So, we go to their house and they ask us to look in their spare bedroom (where the couch was to be moved). And standing there all tall and proud was a baby crib. My mouth dropped open with a big grin. Yep. They are going to have a baby.

Everyone I know is having babies. And I'm happy for them all. I am looking forward to pinching some baby cheeks, holding some chubby baby legs, and getting some soft baby toys.

Congratulations Brad and Jenny!

Okay, the little thing I mentioned above that I said I'd tell you about: There is another super secret surprise coming your way. So, get your hopes up...cause that's where they should be!