I was the sneaky one who hid all theEaster eggs for the kiddies this weekend. Blue ones in the tree. Pink ones in the grass. Yellow ones by the daffodils. Green ones in a snake hole. Well, how was I to know it was a snake hole? It looked just like an old rail road tie to me. But when everyone was running around gathering their treats, they started shrieking. Snakes! Snakes! Then I started shrieking (I hate snakes). Vince ran in to snip at them. Colin went over to investigate. I stood as far away as possible...hoping they didn't get in my hair. GRODY!

The little plastic egg was eventually recovered safely from the slithering ickies. The bubblegum inside was eaten later with hardly a thought. And Vince snipped at every long, skinny stick he came across for the rest of the day.

It was quite an exciting event.

Last night to calm things down, we had a bon fire. A huge, sparkly, orange bon fire. There's nothing like a fire to make you feel right and calm and mindful. It's mesmerizing to watch the sparks rise up like fire flies, hear the crackling of the wood, and smell the perfume of the fire. It was the perfect way to wind down the weekend.