Only 19 days until the big day.Nineteen. A nine and a teen. 19. That's 19 days to finish up 8 billion little things that I have nicely printed up on a three-page checklist courtesy of theknot.com. 8 billion things that seem to be expanding everyday. But you know what? I don't even look at the list. I fold it up and stick it in my red daybook and ignore it. Sometimes it attempts to crawl out and whisper my name.

Pen-ah-lope. PEN-ah-lope.

But no. I ignore it. I draw instead. I sit down at my drawing table and pretend that my red daybook doesn't exist. I mean, c'mon. There are spring leaves to record. And purple magnolias to capture. And imaginary owls to paint.

So, my list remains check-less.

How long can I procrastinate all this? Will my head eventually explode? Right now I feel no stress. All the BIG stuff is done. If nothing else happened before the big day (say the earth stopped spinning and resumed May first), I could just throw on my dress and show up with some flowers picked from my garden and be peachy-keen. That'd be okay....right?

Okay, okay. Stop it. I'll get out that stinky list today and check some stuff off. But I may draw in the margins. You can't take that away.