Sometimes the world seems like a dullplace. This is only temporary, and it goes away quickly. But sometimes I can't find anything to read. To listen to. To look at. I feel like I live in a desert with only bland sand to gaze upon. It's hot and uncomfortable.

But then there are the lush jungles of interesting things. Creatures coming out of the greenery. Brightly colored plants peeking out from behind every rock. And I can hardly take it in - it's so beautiful. It's completely overwhelming to me.

That's how I am feeling now.

I am getting married in 13 days. I have about six books rented from the library that I can barely put down. I have several really interesting illustration projects that are vying for my time. I feel like I'm learning something new with every turn I take. There's just so much to take in and do and see and feel. It's what alive feels like.

The only thing to remember is that I need to be in the present. To not look so forward to the future that I miss what happens today. But feel what I feel right now...right now. I want to be completely present to enjoy every last bit of wedding planning I have left to do. To read every line of each book and feel it enter my blood. To watch every stroke of the brush with awe and excitement. To be present.

That is my wish for this week.