I finally find myself with a fewminutes of peace and quiet. I'd almost forgotten what it felt like to be silent. To hear my thoughts and be still. I've been rushing around like a mad-woman...pay this person, schedule this appointment, call to confirm that other thing. Leaves me no time to just be. I promised myself that I'd be in the moment. And I think the only way to accomplish that is to take breathers. To shut off the phone and turn off the music. And just sit.

Ah, breathing is so nice.

After much consideration (actually, too much...there's no way anything could be delivered in the remaining time) I decided to create my own watercolor journal. I went to my favorite paper store and bought green, floral paper (a nod to the green of Ireland) and bound a beautiful book of watercolor paper. I can't wait to fill the pages with my Irish discoveries. Maybe I'll take a picture of it for show and tell later. After some more breathing, of course.

4 days!