Letter to myself: Dearest Penelope,

You have permission to let go a little. Just loosen your grip a bit. Allow yourself more time. You are back from your honeymoon for all of 5 days and already you are trying too hard to get things done. Let yourself ease back into the groove naturally. It's challenging to pick up exactly where you left off when you've had a shift in perspective...a chance to see how other people live and think and do.

Don't worry about this self-set deadline or getting that done by this time. There's no rush. It will be better if you let it simmer for a bit anyway. Think about it. Swim in it.

The desiderata says "Whether or not it feels like it, the universe is unfolding as it should." So, while that doesn't mean sit down on your hands and wait for it to fall in your lap, it does give you permission to relax and let things happen.

My advice: Nap when you are tired, eat when you are hungry, walk when you need perspective, and for god's sake...relax.

Love, Your Higher Self