Yesterday evening I sat outside at a littlecorner cafe and read a book, wrote in my journal, and listened to the bustle around me. There was a table of girls sitting near me who were screeching and squeaking congratulations to each other. And for some reason, it didn't annoy me. It made me happy that they had something to celebrate. A little further away was a table of old men who had already tipped a few and were being loud and boisterous. And at first I was miffed. But then I realized that they were just having fun comparing beer bellies and competing for best Santa-look-alike. And it made me smile. I delved into my book and just took in the atmosphere and felt my cares melt away. It was what I needed.

I love finding and then giving myself what I need. When I'm so bogged down with an issue or a problem that I feel like my heart will come out of my chest and then stumble upon the thing that makes me calm... it's such a blessing. It's like drinking icy lemonade on a humid summer day. So lovely.

So, this weekend, I wish that cold lemonade feeling for you. I hope you find something that makes you put things into perspective and find peace.