Twisters, Lakes, and Studios

My mom has always wanted to learn to kayak. Just paddle away into the distance on her own. And this weekend, she finally did. She said "if not now, when... I'm not getting any younger." And I just smiled and watched her strap her new kayak to the car, drive it down to the lake, and shove it in. She then paddled to the other side without even looking back. It was a proud moment. And it made me think...this growing and challenging ourselves thing never ends. We just keep making new wrinkles. I really like that.

I brought VInce with me to the lake to see her paddle off. He's never been to a lake before and was fascinated with all the seaweed-covered rocks, minnows and snails. And he was properly introduced (I think they liked each other):

But the weekend didn't end there. Oh no.

Driving home, the weather wasn't looking so good. The sky was dark and fickle. It rained. It stopped. The wind pushed us around. It went away. It was very unnerving. We arrived home safely and watched out the windows as the sky grew darker and darker. The winds picked up and and the trees started dancing violently. The lights flickered on and off and suddenly the streetlamps blew out with sparks flying. We ran to the basement just as a tornado trampled down our street, pulling out trees by the roots.

We were so lucky. There was no structural damage to our house. The only thing we lost was our flimsy gazebo in the yard. It was struck by lightning and mangled like it was a rubberband. Up the street, our neighbors weren't so fortunate. Holes in their roof. Trees uprooted. Powerlines down. Luckily, no one was hurt. But it's frightening what nature is capable of at a whim.

Last (and kind of least), the rest of the weekend was spent cleaning up after the tornado and working on the house. I also worked on my studio plans a little bit. It's coming along slowly, but I'm sure I'll come up with a space where I want to be and work...let ideas flow.