Oh bargain shopping...do I ever get enough? Not a chance. Last weekend I hit the garage sales and found something great. Unassumingly leaning against a tree were four antique, rusty iron grates. The visor-clad lady sitting in the director's chair said they were salvaged from the windows of an old apartment building. She took a drag from her cigarette and said she'd give them to me for thirty bucks.

I thought they were too beautiful to pass up... and that they'd make great trellises. So, we (well, Colin) hoisted them into the truck bed and we drove home.

We hung the trellises from the arbor we built onto the back of the house, made a quick trip to the garden center to buy some climbing vines, and planted them, winding their vines through the slots. I love the juxtaposition of the old, rusted metal and the baby-new green plants. It's beautiful and provides some shade. I also really like repurposing old things. I feel like I'm doing them a service and letting them breathe again somehow.