Why is it that when we have a bad day,we just make it worse by abusing our bodies? Or is that just me? Yesterday was rotten and dull and long and flat. And how did I react? I decided to not do anything good for myself. No checking friendly emails, no eating a healthy meal, no going for a walk. I drank a bottle of wine and cried and felt sorry for myself and fell asleep early. And this morning I'm really regretting it. I am sick to my stomach, my head aches, I feel squishy.

But that's not the main reason I regret it.

That reason is that I didn't let it go. I didn't allow myself to feel better. I just made it worse. I wish I would have cried as hard as I could to get it out, talked to Colin about it, and gotten over it, so at least part of my day would have been good.

Next time. Next time.