We live in a wonderful world that is fullof beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. -Jawaharlal Nehru

The trip to SC was full of mini-adventures. Colin got to swim with some dolphins (baby ones). He was in the salty water just a-floatin' along when a little fin was spotted in the distance. It went around the boat and kept getting closer and closer until it was about 8 feet away from him, just checking him out.

We went to the beach and spotted some fiddler crabs scurrying about. I heard they are called fiddlers because only one of their claws is large and it looks like he's carrying a fiddle around. (I love that!)

Also at the beach we noticed some bright green grasses growing in the water. They protect themselves from being eaten by being spikey and harsh to the touch...like mini razor blades poking at your toes.

Back at the pool (with no sticky grasses) there was a waterslide. We took turns zipping down it and taking mini-movies with the digital camera.

Since my brother is a marine officer, he and his wife live on base. It was surreal going through the gates, flashing your card, and getting saluted by military police. Hoorah.

One of my favorite things was on base. There were trees in everyone's yard that had little flowers on them. The wind would blow through and they'd shed petals. It looked like snow falling to the ground. So beautiful!

I already miss my brother. He's my best friend, and we have a really strong connection (even when he's wearing a cowboy hat.)

Thank you, Tom and Alison