Creative Tornado and Fire Fears Lately I've been a one-woman creative force. I have less than two weeks to finish the book. I feel kind of pressured, but it's a get-down-and-dirty pressure. I am working my arse off, and it's fun. I love to see how the image transforms from a thought, to a sketch, to an ink drawing, to the finished product. A little miracle every time.

My studio is a wreck. There are paints and papers and brushes laying every- where. I can't find my eraser...my pencils are strewn about. But it's lovely. I'll sort it all out when the book is done.

Last night I took a break for Colin's birthday. We met friends for dinner and had awesome wings and beers. Twas yummy.

Later we went home and had a bonfire. It was so peaceful and warm. Crackling orange sparks floating up out of the blue ashes. I decided it was the perfect time to burn my fears and concerns. I do this occasionally and it always seem to help me let things go. Here's how: I write down each of my cares onto long strips of paper. (I do this in pen so it feels permanent.) I then take each strip and fold it up with all my attention and care, focusing on what it says. Then it's time to let it go. I toss it into the fire and watch it catch and be consumed. It can't come back. It's gone forever. And it works. It gives me relief and I feel like I can let it go.

If you can't have a bonfire in your yard or if you don't have a yard, you can just use a candle and a jar to achieve the same effect. It works.