Since I've been so consumed by thebook, I've neglected other major areas of my life. (The book, by the way, is called Denise's Mold. It's about a little girl who grows mold...that's all I'm allowed to say about it right now. Oh, and it'll be available in March. Yeah, as in 8-months-away-March. Poo. I can't believe I forgot to mention what the book was called before. Sheesh...you see what I mean?!)

Anyway, back to the other areas of life. The one I'm referring to right now is my house. I haven't tended to my house in a while. To the point where I found a SPIDER NEAR MY TOOTHBRUSH this morning. Oh man, that's really really really grody. Grody Toady. I schmooshed it like nobody's business, of course (the spider, not the toothbrush). And then I did the squirmy get-off-me dance.

So, it's time. It is officially time to do some spring cleaning. Nitty gritty, down and dirty cleaning. I am going to do whatever you need to do (?) to hardwood floors to maintain their lovliness. I'm going to clean all the windows. I'm going to go through every room, one by one, and clear out anything I haven't used or loved recently.

And it'll feel so good. I'll do the happy-dance.